Landmarked Façade Mural Restoration

Landmarked Façade Mural Restoration




Grey Architects


40 Main St. Yonkers




LL 11 restoration of façade involved the stucco failure on which a mural was painted. Building was landmarked and the building required the wall brickwork and stucco be replaced for safety, while leaving the landmarked building (1902) and mural in the original condition


Found the original mural artist from the 1960’s and ordered the original specified paint from Germany. Took pictures and made full size templates of the damaged portions of the mural. We then removed the damaged stucco, replaced the brick structure below, applied fresh stucco and let set. We then had 2 commercial artists working under the original painter repaint the repaired sections, to the original standard


Final inspection by the Landmarks commission and the architect met with full approval and the client Verizon, loved it. Plans may now proceed to extend the mural if funding is made available. Hurdles we overcame, finding the original artist and materials, safety training of artist to use a hanging scaffold and landmarks coordination and approval.

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