Value Engineering Management

Value Engineering Management

Value engineering management is a systematic and organized approach to providing the necessary functions in a project at the lowest cost possible. Our projects are only successful when our clients are fully satisfied with the return on their investment.

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Preconstruction Development Process

There are 5 Key Steps in this Process:

1. Information

We carefully gather information on the client’s objectives, key criteria and definition of value.

2. Speculation

Our team will research and study the data to find as many ways as possible to reduce the initial and/or life-cycle cost while still maximizing function.

3. Evaluation

We evaluate all ideas produced during the speculation phase and deem which ideas will become part of the final solution.

4. Development

Any ideas that made it through the evaluation phase will be further developed into workable proposals.

5. Presentation

Our team makes a formal presentation of our findings to our clients, users and designers. In this phase, the client can determine which value management proposal could be incorporated into the project in order to reduce costs and increase the overall value.

How we Deliver Value

The members of the H.M. Hughes team are the catalysts of our success. We highly value their dedication and invest significantly in developing their futures. This investment pays dividends that far exceed its costs.

With over 90 years in the industry, our people bring an unprecedented expertise in understanding the connections between the client’s vision, the architect’s needs, the engineer’s requirements and the project’s constructability.

Value Engineering Deliver Value
Value Engineering Management Analysis

Value Engineering Management Analysis

Value Engineering Management analysis gives us the opportunity to identify more efficient ways to complete projects while satisfying the needs of everyone involved. It is proven to help clients realize significant savings from small expenditures of time and money.

H.M. Hughes’ core philosophy of delivering optimal value is also reflected in this special service.

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