Construction Phase

Construction Phase

H.M. Hughes is recognized as one of New York’s most dependable builders. Our 90 years of knowledge and experience enhances every aspect of the construction phase, from job meetings to controlling costs. Through time-tested relationships with industry leaders, we work to satisfy our clients with the return on their investment.

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Construction Phase

How We Work

Job Meetings

We communicate clearly with key stakeholders to successfully complete each project. Our regular coordination meetings ensure the owner, designers and construction personnel are all on the same page.

Construction Schedule

We create, monitor and faithfully maintain a master construction schedule to ensure each project’s success. The construction schedule coordinates vendors, construction documents and the delivery of equipment and materials. By establishing principal milestones, we have the ability to measure the effectiveness of every project. Our schedules are a tool we use to create reliable workflows that help avoid costly delays and waste.

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construction phase filing system

Filing System

A comprehensive filing system is built to centrally organize construction documents, correspondence, permits and other job-related information. This ensures that the owner and architect are able to use the data as a primary resource during all phases of construction.

Bidding Contracts & Awards

Since the selection of subcontractors impacts a project’s budget, schedule and overall quality, H.M. Hughes only chooses top-notch subcontractors. Our company relies on past experience to prepare invitations to bid, solicit competitive bids and analyze them with the owner and architect. After decisions are made, our team prepares and issues formal contracts.

Project Management

Among the construction manager’s primary responsibilities are the coordination, direction and supervision of all project work in a manner that aligns with the owner’s objectives.

Cost Controls

H.M. Hughes controls costs through issuing periodic reports that compare on-going expenditures with what has already been approved on the initial budget. Our team certifies the work we perform for completeness and quality of workmanship so that monthly requisitions may be processed.

Project Management

Divisions of Work

Our team selectively performs self-demolition, masonry, carpentry and miscellaneous woodwork, when required by the owner and the architect.

H.M. Hughes’ building services are indispensable to the successful completion of the construction phase of a project. When we are commissioned to carry out these duties, you can profit from our time-tested relationships with the industry’s leading organizations.

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