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Design & Build Services

Since 1927, H.M. Hughes has developed a solutions-based approach that translates to the core components of design & build projects. As the construction industry evolves, our fundamental approach never wavers.

We remain focused on the basic principles of hard work, attention to detail, proper planning and clear communication, as well as our core values of integrity and reliability. The end result is the finest work performed in the construction industry.

Design and Build

Our Design-Build Philosophy

Acting as a fully integrated partner with clients, we supervise each facet of a project. From partnering with architects whose visions are compatible with our projects and selecting general contractors (or assume those duties if it is more efficient), to hiring engineers, subcontractors, suppliers and tradesmen based on our knowledge of their expertise.

The H.M. Hughes Process

H.M. Hughes’ hands-on approach and attention to every aspect of the design & build process, grants clients with the freedom to focus on the important work of making their business prosper.

We perform feasibility tests that guide the construction process and follow a path of actions that was established in the pre-construction and construction phases. In the end, H.M. Hughes puts together the best qualified team to ensure that the client’s vision is completed on time and within budget.

The H.M. Hughes Process
Design and Build | Strong Relationships

Strong Relationships

In order to fully service our clients, H.M. Hughes has formed strong relationships with the most prestigious architects in the tri-state area. Whether you require a new structure, the modernization of an existing building, a series of infrastructure improvements or the latest hi-tech installations, we transform your visions into constructible designs.

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