Pre-Construction Phase

H.M. Hughes leverages its decades of accumulated knowledge and experience to identify every opportunity and solve every challenge during the pre-construction phase.

Our executive team members are often present to supervise the entire build with a dedicated Project Manager. With our staff stability, we provide continuity of management in all aspects of pre-construction.

Development Process

Development Process

We start by reviewing the client’s entire vision of the project. Together, we discuss the feasibility of every option.

Our pre-construction projects follow this proven formula:

  • Design and analyze key documents.
  • Factor in project’s materials and equipment
  • Raise and answer crucial questions regarding labor availability and time requirements.
  • Make recommendations to improve efficiency and maximize cost-savings.

Project Scheduling

The H.M. Hughes team constructs a timeline that coordinates design services, preliminary construction work and vendors.

Our track record of exceeding expectations allows us to guarantee that logistical issues are always addressed in a timely manner.

Project Scheduling
Coordination of Contract Documents

Coordination of Contract Documents

In order to address logistical issues and adhere to construction sequences, we follow these actions:

  • Review specifications and drawings
  • Recommend alternatives
  • Advise on the selection of subcontractors and the awarding of contracts
  • Develop a schedule for purchase and delivery of regular and long-lead equipment and materials
  • Review safety and environmental provisions

Budget Creation

We develop an initial budget based on information gathered from the owner, the architect and the design plans.

  • Our budgets include the cost of maintaining on-going operations elsewhere in the venue.
  • We continuously to make revisions while construction is underway.
  • The final budget that is submitted for approval includes suggestions to cut costs and increase efficiency.
Value Engineering Management Analysis

If H.M. Hughes also serves as the general contractor for pre-construction work, we probe and measure the site so that field conditions may be sent to the project’s architects and engineers.

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